Former paranormal investigator, Tsubasa, is left with the task of managing her grandmother’s haunted ryokan for 2 weeks. Help her fend off ghosts by night, then clean up in the day by running repairs in the lobby.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Inncorporeal!

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Inncorporeal is an entry for the cozy autumn game jam 2022.


- Arrow keys, left-click, right-click (if the ability is unlocked)
Alternative (QWERTY keyboards)
- a: left, w: up, s: down, d: right
Alternative 2 (AZERTY keyboards)
- q: left, z: up, s: down, d: right

Known bugs

- Downloading the game and trying it locally will not work, we can add a version that can be played locally, but due to the game jam currently being in review status, we are not allowed to do that at this moment. We can do so at the beginning of october. 


Art: DelinQvent
Sound: Cincachai :
Programming: ASarevok :
Gamejam organisers: Firith studio :

(outside resources: specter death - explosion by

Development log


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Hello! I wanted to try out your game but I'm running into an issue: When I use WASD to move around, I'm able to move fine pressing A and D to move left and right but when using W and S to move up and down the character starts bugging out and I'm unable to move in those directions. It also seems like W and S are inverse, meaning I press W to go down and S to go up. Thanks for your time! I like the music and the graphics so far!

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Hey, thanks a lot for trying out our game. I'll add this to the bug list and see if we can find out why it's acting differently on your end. 

This might be a weird question but are you on a AZERTY keyboard? (I am, and then those keys are inversed)

If so, considering the deadline was extended we updated the keybindings to include AZERTY too.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm using a QWERTY keyboard. Also, I forgot to mention an additional bug. When I download and launch the game through the app, I run into this error. Once again, thanks for your time!

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Hey Sahil, thanks again for coming back to our game. We build the game using WebGL so that it would be playable in the browser, to make it more accessible to most people (most don't like downloading external stuff). I'd highly recommend just playing it in your web browser on the itch website. Playing Webgl-based games locally will indeed not work.

It's definitely a great suggestion that we add a downloadable version after the game jam review process is over, but during the review period, we cannot change/add builds (part of the rules of the competition). So beginning in October I can add a version that can be run locally when you download it.

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Toki the baldheaded bird when he steals you final kills:

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I'm very proud of us.

May the world know of our development memes.